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This project entailed rotoscoping an animation that translated an element of the UAE majlis. This animation is an ode to the girls from the Ras Al Khaimah tribe.

A Majlis

Case Study: Jeff Wall

I was tasked to recreate the work of photographer Jeff Wall with my own subject and style. 

I'm Kalyani.

A person who wants to tell stories.

I am a Third Year Multimedia Design student at American University of Sharjah sincerely passionate about filmmaking and storytelling. I want to explore themes of Mental Health, History and Art through my works and what better way than through Multimedia.

A Summer in Southern Italy

In the summer of 2022 I had the wonderful opportunity to go over to Southern Italy for a 'seeing/drawing' course under the supervision of my professor where we trekked around the region going into museums, churches and ruins. This included exciting tasks of planting myself on the floor admiring the environment and putting pen to paper. I truly exercised my mind to hand coordination and fully immersed myself in the experience to let the environment and what  see in front of me influence my work.  I found this experience to be sincerely iterative and a constant showcase of my progress in honing my skills. This course was one to take home and an excellent example of design in the real world.

A project to summarize myself through a film. I've always done something about my family or culture at this point and wanted to truly expand more about a side of myself that I don't share often through my work. I am a huge advocate for promoting mental health and thought it would be a good idea to explore the struggles that I deal with personally. I strived for a more experimental and subliminal aesthetic in this project to truly immerse the viewer in my story that I am sharing. 


An Experimental Introduction

A Family Man: An Interview

Animating a poster?

Collaborating with other Multimedia designer and visual communication students, for this project we were tasked to animate a poster for an open call.


In a group with other creatives we created an experimental film which had constraint of only shooting footage and recording sound for 2 hours in total and then editing the same. This project was truly about trying to make the best of what we had and how to be truly selective in the process of editing.

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